• Please inspect and clean it before use, and do not use it if it is cracked, broken,n or scratched.
  • Please handle with care and do not collide with hard objects as ceramics are fragile.
  • The product does not allow children under 8 years old to use it.
  • Please clean it by hand only.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use this product in microwave/ovens/a frozen or refrigerated
  • Please use white toothpaste to cover the imprint for a while and brush the surface with a scouring pad if there is any residual imprint on the surface of this product after using it.
  • It’s normal if the surface pattern fades slightly after long-term use. ShapifyX hopes you enjoy the shopping experience with us!
  • It is normal if there are any dots or imprints on the product (same as the picture below) because the crafting process makes every product different. It is unacceptable to ShapifyX of refunding/return in these cases.